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Barn Yard Equine offers private lessons, equine assisted activities and birthday parties for all ages and abilities.


Hippotherapy incorporates the intentionally manipulated movement of a horse's gait into a therapy session. Find out more!

Riding Lessons & Equine Assisted Activities

We offer one-on-one lessons for all ages and riding levels. Find out more about starting lessons today!

Equine Yoga

Where mindfullness, yoga, and horses come together.

Birthday Parties

Check out how much fun your child will have celebrating their birthday with us. Learn more about what we offer!

Virginia McCarthy

Virginia McCarthy


I’ve had a lifelong love for horses since the moment I 1st came in contact with one. I’ve been fortunate to be able to volunteer, study & train under a few of the best horse people around. I have training in Western riding, Equine Assisted Learning/Therapy and horse behavior. I have been a social worker for over 10 years working with children in with developmental disabilities including DDD, AzEIP, ALTCS & the RBHA. I have a passion for horses and believe that they have the ability to impact humans in a powerful way.

Beth Ann Kaib

Beth Ann Kaib

I have been a pediatric COTA/L (Licensed Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant) since 2011. I have worked in home health, clinic, public schools, private schools and using hippotherapy as a modality. I have a 15-year-old daughter, Hope, that has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Dystonia and Mitochondrial Disease. I have a passion for working (aka: playing) with horses and children with special needs.



Wrangler is a Draft Cross who came to Barn Yard Equine in 2016. We do not know his exact birth date, but was born in 2004 most likely. He is a gentle guy who loves treats & meeting new friends. His favorite part of his job is helping out with the activities & toys that take place on the barrels. His least favorite thing is to be alone, he loves to be around his horse & human friends. Wrangler is allergic to flies, so you will frequently see him wearing his fly mask & belly dickie to keep them away. You will see him frequently at the fence greeting new visitors, so be sure to say hello to him when you arrive.
Wrangler participates in hippotherapy sessions, equine assisted activities & lessons for beginners & novice riders.



Jewel is an Arabian/Quarter Horse. She was born in 2003.  She has been in Arizona her whole life & loves the heat! She is a very sensitive mare who will pick up on what kind of day you are having before you do. She loves to check you for treats, but it takes more than treats to win her heart. Her favorite activity is to explore the trails & she could do it all day. Her least favorite is things that involve flying objects or snakes. Take some time to get to know her, she has a gentle soul.
Jewel participates in equine assisted activities & lessons for our novice to intermediate riders



Oreo came to Barn Yard Equine in November 2017. She was born in 2013 approximately.  She came to use from a kill pen in Texas. A kind hearted woman rescued her & brought her to Arizona where she received a lot of love & extensive training. Oreo is a very kind hearted, playful girl who loves hugs from everyone she meets. She is very curious about everyone & everything she comes in contact with.  She loves long naps in the pasture in the mid mornings. She doesn’t like to miss out on excitement, so come say hi to Oreo when you’re out at the barn.
Oreo participates in hippotherapy sessions & equine assisted activities.

What our clients have to say about Barn Yard Equine

Angela Dodge

Being newly retired, I began looking for something I could do with my new found freedom. I really wanted to find something that would utilize my experience with and love for horses. Then Barnyard Equine came along! I jumped at the chance and haven’t looked back. Working with the clients and horses is actually therapy for ME! I am so blessed to have found such a wonderful group of positive people to work with and the clients always leave me with a smile on my face!! I’d call that a WIN WIN!

Scharlie Hillman Wolfe

Amazing folks with the biggest hearts & the horses are just as amazing. Super gentle & wonderful to be around.

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